Before & After Healing Photos

The Body Responds to How the Heart Feels

Healing changes you from the inside out,  even your appearance. These clients (and myself) are bravely sharing their before and after photos to show you what sadness-turned-to-joy looks like. Eyes glimmer with joy and hope, smiles are real, posture is confident, and self-love and respect is restored. Each of their spirits have come back to life, ready to live life to the fullest and leave the past behind. An amazing testimonial to how the body responds when the heart is truly happy.

Invested in Their Health & Happiness

There is no quick fix or pill for soul-deep happiness. It takes dedication, desire, and a willingness to work through the lowest of lows so that you can throw off everything that doesn’t belong to you. These amazing women and men—all coming from different hurts, trauma, and loss—all have one thing in common that unites them. They decided that were all worth more than living a mediocre life, carrying around the baggage of their past experiences, and loss of self.

Each of these strong, beautiful individuals, along with all my clients decided that healing was crucial for living a life they love. They made peace with their stories, closed chapters, and started writing chapters of healing, hope, and happiness.

Important Note: None of these people, including myself, had planned on ever comparing an old photo with a photo after taken after a healing program. When I started noticing my clients physically changing—some after just a few sessions—I decided that it was important to share the visual awesomeness of the physical impact emotional healing and stress management have on the body.

What do you want your healing story to say (on the inside and outside)? A complimentary discovery call can completely change your life.