The Nesting Experience healing programs were created based on my own struggle with infertility, pregnancy loss, birthing a breech baby, and the challenges that motherhood brings. Every mother deserves support, love, and healing for pregnancy,  birth and parenting.

The Nesting Experience healing programs are designed to support mommas of all ages for all stages of motherhood, providing a safe & positive place to share struggles, release stress, & balance emotions. Programs are designed to help mommas find their inner beauty, truest self, and grace for the journey we call motherhood and include life coaching, energy therapies (Reiki & Emotional Polarity Technique), & stress management.

Please note: Prices, office hours, & programs are subject to change without notice.

The Nesting Experience Infertility Program

When the heart deeply desires to get pregnant and the body says “no, not yet”, millions of emotions come flooding to the surface. Anger, frustration, sadness, rejection of body, and despair take root. When emotions take control, stress and cortisol levels increase, reducing the chances of getting pregnant. Add to emotions the stress of fertility options, countless doctors visits, and watching every other woman conceive easily is a formula for anxiety and depression surrounding what’s supposed to be a natural, beautiful experience.

This 6-week program works through the emotions of infertility, helping the body to release stress and return to a state of peace and balance to aid in conception. $480.00* (6 1-hour sessions; in-person or online)

 The Nesting Experience Preconception Program

Studies have shown that emotions, trauma, and stress can be passed down generationally from momma to baby (Pre-Parenting: Nurturing Your Child from Conception is a great book to read). Give your future baby the best emotional start to life by getting rid of any emotional hurt, stress, and trauma you’ve been carrying consciously, subconsciously, or on a cellular level.  $480.00* (6 1-hour sessions; in-person or online)

 The Nesting Experience Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in life for some women and for others the nausea, mood swings, cravings, skin problems, anxiety, and fear is enough to make pregnancy a miserable experience.

It’s important to remember that baby feels what momma feels, which is why it’s critical to maintain peace and good health for a healthier pregnancy and delivery. This program helps mommas work through anxiety, fear, and all the emotions that pregnancy brings to the surface.

Enjoy 9 1-hour healing sessions in this package — one for each month of pregnancy — that will support your whole pregnancy journey. $675*

 The Nesting Experience Postpartum Program

Ease into life after childbirth with self-care, emotional release, and stress management. Feeling blue doesn’t have to control you. In addition to this program, you’ll learn how to manage your stress through an emotional release technique you can do at home.

Includes a new-momma healing gift basket filled with natural/organic goodies to celebrate the amazing mom you are! $400.00* (4 1-hour sessions; in-person or online plus gift basket).

The Nesting Experience Peaceful Momma Program

It’s okay to admit motherhood isn’t perfect. The laundry isn’t done, the house is a mess, you haven’t washed your hair in a week, and your kid is the one having a meltdown in the middle of Target. Oy! But we both know that even on the hardest of days, the love you have for your children is beautifully overwhelming! As great as that love is, however, it’s okay to lose your cool sometimes—you are human, you know!

If you’re finding your losing your cool a little too often and unloading your emotions on your kids, husband, or the dog, it’s time to invest in yourself and work through the emotions of motherhood. If you don’t take care of YOU, you can’t take care of anyone else. Make time for you with the Peaceful Momma program. 6 1-sessions of quiet and healing to help you find balance and get back to being the calm momma you were before you let everything bottle up inside. $480* (5 1-hour healing sessions + Aromatherapy Technique)

 The Nesting Experience Healing Birth Trauma & Loss Program

Birthing a baby is hard work! It takes a lot of physical, emotional, and mental energy. Sometimes birthing experiences are traumatic (breech baby, tearing, emergency c-section, hemorrhaging, stalled labor, fear, fetal distress, pain, etc), minor or major, and create PTSD or Postpartum Depression (PPD).

The emotional trauma from a difficult birthing experience or pregnancy loss doesn’t ever go away unless you give yourself time to properly heal the emotional experience. The memory will always be there, but the negative emotional charge doesn’t have to be. This program works through the healing process in a 3-hour intensive focused on helping you and your body find inner healing through emotional release and restorative affirmations. The result is birthing new thoughts about your experience that help you feel calm & restore faith in your beautiful body.  $300.00* (3-hour intensive; in-person or online).

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