When life gets hard, emotional stress can affect your whole body, raising cortisol levels, suppressing the immune system, stressing the autonomic nervous system, and putting you into fight or flight mode. This stress state also wreaks havoc on your subconscious, creating emotional, spiritual, and/or physical obstacles that block the body’s innate healing capability.

Emotional stress from divorce, abuse, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, death, financial hardship, etc., create deep wounds that house trapped emotions that you’ve learned to suppress in order to cope and survive rather than release and thrive. Holding (consciously or unconsciously) on to negative emotions uses valuable energy that could otherwise be used live a fulfilled life (be productive in areas in which you desire to flourish, such as relationships, career, or self-improvement).


Because your words, actions, thoughts, and experiences influence your behaviors and decisions and are triggered by past hurts, it is critical that you heal hurt at its root. This is the Wholly Healing Experience — finding, fixing, and forgiving the hurt at a cellular level so that your body can return to a state of balance, peace, and joy.

The benefits of Wholly Healing are many. The unique healing process — a combination of life coaching, energy therapies, creative work, and stress management — open the door to vitality, elimination of pain, success, weight loss, better sleep, improved relationships, greater self-confidence, and unconditional self-love. It halts self-sabotaging behaviors and releases you from carrying around the baggage of your past.

Each session is tailored specifically for what is needed in the present moment. No two sessions are alike and there is no canned script or procedure. The body knows what it needs to find peace and healing and that is honored in each individual.


Unless you’re growing, you’re dying. There comes a time in all of our lives when we feel stuck and we stop growing. It becomes a habit to do the same things over and over and expect different results. The crazy cycle continues until you surrender to the idea that a happier, more authentic self exists underneath all the baggage you’ve been carrying.

The Wholly Healing Experience is a natural, effective, and long-term results approach to healing that will breathe new life into your whole self. Wholly Healing is a safe place to be heard and to be seen as the beautiful soul you are. Your personally guided healing journey will gently usher you back to your inner truth, your purpose, and the life you were created to live.

Say YES to yourself today and join the many other women, men, and children who are celebrating healing. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session right now so you can breathe new life into your goals & dreams. Reveal the beauty of your true, light-filled self.

Scheduling this call, you lose nothing

Not scheduling this call is another 3 months, 6 months, or 10 years of missed joy, peace, balance, and a life you love.

Healing is a choice. What do you choose?

Schedule now.

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Important Notice: Wholly Healing, LLC and Christy Cotterman do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any specific disease or condition. Any of the aforementioned offerings of Wholly Healing, LLC, are not substitutions for conventional medical methods of diagnosing, treating or prescribing which is reserved for licensed medical physicians.