The Wholly Healing Experience holistic life coaching programs are designed to help you relax, reduce stress, release emotional baggage, and replace unhealthy habits with habits that support mind, body, & spirit wellness. All programs include life coaching, energy therapies (Reiki & Emotional Polarity Technique), and stress management techniques.

Please note: Prices, office hours, & programs are subject to change without notice

The Wholly Healing Experience Life Coaching (Single Sessions)

A 1-hour healing session for new clients or anyone who has not completed a Wholly Healing program. Also for someone who wants a sample session before investing in a program. Session includes stress reduction and emotional release techniques. Note: If you want to try a single session before investing in a program, and decide within 3 days of your initial session that you want to purchase a program, your single-session fee will be applied to the program package you’d like to purchase.  $125*

 The Wholly Healing Experience Peace Program

Wholly Healing Peace Program Feeling like you need peace and you need it right now? The Peace Program is designed to boost your energy levels, help you sleep better, and make healthier choices (emotionally, physically, and spiritually). You’ll discover unconscious stressors and toxic emotions that may be making you sick, release them, and balance the energy in your body. The Peace Program gets you out of your past, allows you to be fully present now, and empowers you to move joyfully into your future . You’ll leave each session with a renewed spirit and feeling of deep peace. This program is for you if you have been feeling stressed for a year or more,  trouble sleeping, get sick often, can’t digest food well,  struggle with relationships, and/or can’t seem to relax (even in relaxing environments).   $480.00* (6 1-hour sessions; in-person or online)

 The Wholly Healing Experience Restore Balance Program

Struggling with finding and maintaining balance at home, work, and within? The Restore Balance program eliminates emotional blocks and limiting belief systems and works to break free from self-sabotaging behaviors. You’ll discover ways to restore balance and keep it, create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family that won’t break the bank, and practice daily relaxation activities that are short, effective, and keep you in a high vibrational state of mind. The Restore Balance program will leave you feeling energized, help you cultivate change in all areas of your life, get in touch with your truest self, and allow you to dig deep into what you want and don’t want for your life. Not only are you helping the body back into a state of homeostasis, you are redefining who you want to be and letting go of labels from your past. This program is for you if you are struggling with weight loss, past childhood (or adulthood) trauma, loss of a spouse, going through a divorce, suffer from anxiety or depression, have chronic physical pain that won’t go away, have difficulty sleeping, feel overwhelmed, and/or feel numb to life. $750.00* (10 1-hour sessions; in-person or online)

 The Wholly Healing Experience Design Your Dream Life Program

Wholly Healing Design Your Dream Life ProgramYou’re not just looking for peace or balance, you’re looking for a total lifestyle change. You’re ready to release all the emotional and physical baggage you’ve been carrying for years. Life has left you empty, exhausted, and frustrated and you’re ready for a fresh, new start. The Design Your Dream Life VIP 6-month intensive helps you emerge from behind all the things in your past that have buried the real you, illuminate your dreams, and find deep inner healing. You’ll finish the program feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and feeling wholly healthy, but more than that you will have covered yourself in self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance, and be glowing with the confidence you desire. This program is for you if you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and need a fresh start (divorce, new career, depression, etc), want to manifest your dream life through positive thinking and emotional healing, and take action now. You’re the perfect candidate for this program if you are ready to hit the ground running towards positive change in all areas of your life and committed to 6 months of VIP coaching, curriculum, and  healing. Program comes with a printable PDF workbook for personal growth, reflection, setting intentions, and defining your dream life. You must be able to commit 5-7 hours of time per week (for 6 months) to this program.   $2997* Payment Plan available.

The Wholly Healing Experience Aromatherapy Technique

The 45-minute aromatherapy technique addresses common negative factors that impair health and returns the body to a state of homeostasis via a four-step process centered on essential oils and simple hand techniques. This technique will enhance essential oil activity, stimulate known body meridian and energy zones while balancing body systems and function. The technique is heavenly and will leave you in a complete state of relaxation as you enjoy the application and aromatherapy of essential oils. $65*  (Must live in Dayton, Cincinnati, or Northern Kentucky to book an aromatherapy technique session)

Important Note: This is NOT a massage.

 The Wholly Healing Experience Emotional Healing For Kids Program

Wholly Healing KidsChildren need healing, too! Children (especially under the age of 6) don’t know how to process their emotions, voice their thoughts, and express emotions in a healthy way (hello, temper tantrum!). If there is stress in the home, at school, or in their environment, children unconsciously pick up the stress and hold on to it, sometimes resulting in bad behavior as a way to express the stress and tension they feel inside. 30-minute healing sessions give children a safe place to talk, encourage them to express their emotions in a healthy manner, and utilize Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to calm their energy and release negative thinking, trauma, and stress. These 30-minutes sessions are for children ages 10 and under, and whose parents (at least one) are currently going through a healing program. $40*

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